Vehicle & Fire Extinguisher Kit - In Carry Bag


$101.83 (Excl. GST)

- This kit exceeds OSH regulations Our ever popular design as a 2 in 1 Kit to meet OSH regulations relating to having a first aid kit and fire extinguisher in every company vehicle. The high quality kit exceeds OSH regulations, whilst the heavy duty fire extinguisher (1kg powder) will help battle any vehicle fire. Complete in a heavy duty carry bag, this 2 in 1 kit can be safely stored in a car without risk of damage or getting lost. Contents List Qty Antiseptic Alcohol Free Wipes 2 Triangular bandage 2 Safety Pins ea 6 Scissors 13cm 1 Fire Extinguisher 1 Hepatitis/AIDS Safety Information 1 Emergency First Aid Booklet 1 Plasters Flesh Coloured 20 Gloves (Pair) 1 CPR Mask 1 Thermal Rescue Blanket 1 Microporus Paper Tape 1.25cm 1 Gauze Swabs Sterile 7.5 x 7.5cm Pouch 2 1 Wound Dressing No 15 1 40 NOTE: Specification and/or sizes of product may vary if not available at time of packaging.