UltraGrime Wipes


$29.95 (Excl. GST)

Carton of 6 Code C16C-C - $179.70 1 00 huge wipes Quick clean-up - removes grease, paint,silicone, foam and adhesives Contains antibacterial agentsSuper-soft, strong and absorbent Very low foaming Uniquegrease-busting ability Recyclable packaging Eats throughoil, grease and grime Super-size wipes 38cm x 25cm for speedy cleaning Hand safe Safe to use on all surfacesDispenses one wipe at a time Dermatologically testedAlcohol-free with Vitamin E and Aloe extract Largeabsorbency capacity Flexible packaging for less wasteSuper-strong pouches that stand up to any environmentUltragrime collects the dirt like microfibre fabric and keeps it on! keeps it on!