Why Layering Is the Most Effective Way To Stay Warm During Winter

Posted on 12-Apr-2021 By Admin

With the colder months fast approaching it’s important to keep your body temperature regulated and comfortable as you work in the cooler conditions. Layering is the most effective way to stay warm to prevent you from getting sick and even more serious conditions such as hypothermia. This can occur when your body loses heat faster than it creates heat, causing your body temperature to drop dangerously low. The benefit of layering your clothes is that when your temperature begins to warm up, you can remove layers to cool and regulate your...


Workpack Express: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Posted on 25-Mar-2021 By Admin


Are you looking to improve your business productivity and efficiency? At Westland Workgear, we provide our clients with a PPE and uniform management system that is designed to save you time and money when managing your team's uniform requirements. This easy-to-use uniform and PPE tool can be relied on by increasing brand recognition of your customer profile and enhancing staff morale.


By using Workpack Express you can stop wasting hours working on manual spreadsheets entering orders. This unique software solution is spec...


The Importance of Protective Work Clothes

Posted on 12-Feb-2021 By admin

The Importance Of Protective Work Clothes

Safety apparel, or personal protective equipment (PPE), is necessary to ensure the safety of all workers on the worksite. Here is a breakdown of the different types of PPE you can purchase at Westland Workgear. 


Head injuries are one of the most dangerous forms of occupational injuries. When you’re working on-site, it’s crucial to wear hard hats, safety glasses, and earplugs at all times when working in potentially hazardous environments. Westland Workgear offers a wide ran...


Benefits of a corporate uniform

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The benefits of a corporate uniform

  • Create Great First Impressions – A uniform, no matter the style, has the ability to create positive impressions on customers. A uniform provides employees a sense of heightened professionalism that is beneficial to the organisation’s reputation.
  • Foster a Sense of Solidarity – A corporate uniform is an effective and practical way to foster employee solidarity. This type of clothing creates an environment that boosts morale as it encourages employees’ to take prid...


The Importance Of Hi-Vis Clothing In Summer

Posted on 23-Dec-2020 By Admin

Hi-vis uniforms are often associated with working in freezing weather conditions when it’s wet or snowing. Once the hot weather hits people often forget about the importance of a high-vis uniform. In certain jobs, workers are exposed to conditions where visibility is extremely difficult. Some of these professions include construction workers, emergency responders, heavy-duty equipment handlers, and security personnel. On sunny days in the peak of Summer, it is equally as important to wear hi-vis clothes. The brightness of the sun on a c...


End Of Line Yard Sale 2020

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Last week we had our end of line yard sale in Greymouth which was hugely successful! We had such a fun day serving everyone and making sure that all our customers left with a unbelievable bargain! We had one day amazing deals at crazy cheap prices to clear out excess stock.

From 3.30pm we decided to make everything left in the tent $5 or under for the last 2 hours... and wow talk about word travels fast and the power of word of mouth! We had a record number of people stop by and pick up a bargain!

Every purchas...

End Of Line Yard Sale 2020


Monthly Newsletter for September

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Well it's October tomorrow...Which means Christmas will be here before we know it!

Personalised Work Packs

Our team has had a busy few weeks making these amazing work packs for our awesome clients! Over 500 work packs made and full staff kit outs, which are all personalised with staff names and including their uniform and summer essential items of sunscreen, cooling towel and hats! 

All recorded through our efficient online work pack express system.
If you are interested in something like this for your team&n...

Monthly Newsletter for September


Monthly Newsletter for August

Posted on 14-Sep-2020 By Admin

North Island Office

We are very excited to announce that Westland Workgear has expanded beyond the South and has now got a rep located in the North Island. George Hewetson one of our Key Accounts Managers new office is in the sunny Hawkes Bay. For all our existing and new North Island customers you can directly contact and arrange for him to call and discuss all your uniform / PPE needs.

 “My top priority at Westland Workgear is to ensure large businesses have the systems and tools to keep control over Uniform and PPE spend th...


Always answering the call

Posted on 12-Sep-2018 By admin

As part of Westland Workgear’s commitment to responsiveness and safety, we recently had team training by a fire extinguisher professional.

It’s important to have extinguishers in your workplace, (and we all should), but knowing how to use them is a whole different thing, as we learnt.

We were enormously impressed with how the team came through the drill.

Hopefully they’ll never need to use that knowledge but, if they do, they’ll be like real “fiery’s” just minus the sirens and lights. We&rsq...

Always answering the call


Bridge opening great news

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Bridge opening – great news


The Taramakau Bridge opened officially in late July - great news for travellers and for all of us on the West Coast.


It replaces the last road/rail bridge in New Zealand where road traffic and trains shared the same single lane bridge. (Understandably, it was the scene of many accidents and constant traffic delays.) The existing bridge will continue to be used but as a dedicated rail bridge.


A new two-lane bridge has been built downstream over the Taramakau River. As part...

Bridge opening great news


Building for the future

Posted on 17-Jul-2018 By WWG

Due to open in October, Westland Workgear’ new purpose-built shop, office, and warehouse is already well underway.

The 1,000 square metre building, with a 145 square metre mezzaninefloor for embroidery and printing, reflects our company’s growth and also our commitment to servicing clients around New Zealand.

Westland Workgear began in 1994 with just two staff, now we have 18. The new building will bring us all together in an environment that combines comfort and high tech while creating tangible benefits for clients at the s...

Building for the future


Get your name out there!

Posted on 31-Oct-2016 By WWG

Getting your company’s name, your staff’s names, or even your social sports side’s name on garments is a great way to make everyone feel part of your team. (It’s good advertising too!)

At Westland Workgear we offer two techniques to help present your company in the best and most professional way: Embroidery  and screen printing.

Which will work best for you, and why?

Here’re some pointers, to help you choose.


  • Very neat and tidy way to present your image
  • Good for mult...
Get your name out there!


NBC trousers now available in khaki!

Posted on 05-Aug-2016 By WWG

Westpeak Workgear’s NBC trousers (now in khaki as well as the original black) are designed for comfort, safety, and to spare everyone’s blushes. So your people look professional: Always.

And they’re guaranteed for 1 year – which covers your business’s backside too.

A gusseted crotch?that accommodates extreme movement makes these one of the best trousers on the market – and it seems like people have been taking notice, for all the right reasons.

NBC trousers now available in khaki!