Lace-up Safety Footwear

Safety footwear, specifically lace-up boots, are ergonomically designed for workers that spend most of their days on their feet. Much like the name suggests, these boots are optimised for employee safety. Constructed from tough and durable materials, not only will they protect against impact as well as prevent sprains, they will also last.

We at Westland Workgear carry a wide selection of work boots. These work shoes range in design and purpose to suit the industry they will be used in. You can entrust us to provide your employees with the appropriate footwear for your organisation, no matter the industry.

The Benefits of Lace-Up Work Boots

  • Convenience – Lace-up boots, when compared to pull-on boots, are a bit more difficult to put on. However, they have the benefit of being more secure. This makes them ideal for employees who work outdoors, especially in muddy areas.
  • Fit – Since the people that often wear this footwear work in manual labour, it is important that they can be used for long periods of time. They need to be comfortable because these workers spend most of the day on their feet. Lace-up boots allow wearers to adjust the fit to suit their comfort. This has the additional benefit of preventing debris from coming into their boots.
  • Safety – Lace-up work boots have the enhanced safety feature of being relatively more secure than pull-on boots. This proves to be a useful attribute for workers since they do not have to worry about their shoe accidentally falling off while they are working.